im in pain,
im aching, every cell in my body is
i hate to admit the fact that he doesnt care about me anymore

and like seriously, men/boys/whatever annoyed me
old friends are an exception
sometimes i found myself wondering,
will i ever have a boyfriend again?
hahaa, whatev

please for god sake amalina,
stop talking about him

ahaaa this is the only place i can talk about him without anyone asking me to stop or get over him or whatever


p/s ; i cant hate you,


im not sure

im still me
the fact has never changed,
fact that i love you
that i care for you, just as much
been avoiding my phone, unsuccesfully
its not what i need right now
i cant act normal - my heart wont let me
i miss you baby, so much
i can see that you're enjoying every second of your life without me
you move on
i cant
and i wont, i just dont know why
i miss everything,
it pain me - having you near, unable to touch you in a way that i used to.


uitm-foundation ; science
im currently confused
but theres a big part of me that wants to go for matrix, hmm



changed it,
nobody will find me :)

i know,
its pathetic
im pathetic,

dear diary,
i hope he knows how am i feeling right now
good luck
this friday-matriculation result,
wish me luck ingrid

p/s ; im still not over you


naufal, and i'm really sorry